Owning a property comes with the responsibility of maintaining it. Learn about the best basic tools for homeowners so you’ll have them on hand for repairs and DIY projects around the house.

A Drill is One of the Basic Tools That Every Homeowner Should Own

A corded or cordless drill should be on your wishlist as a homeowner. It makes short work of building furniture or hanging pictures. You’ll want a drill that includes a basic set of drill bits. Also purchase Philips-head, flat-head, and Allen-head bits and your drill will function as a powered screwdriver.

If you opt for a cordless drill, buy an extra battery. When your battery runs low during a project, you can swap it out without any downtime.

Basic Tools for Homeowners Include Screwdrivers

Although your drill may come with an assortment of bits, hand-tool sets are important basic tools for homeowners. Quick to access and easy to use, be sure to purchase a screwdriver set with various sizes. You’ll find these tools helpful in opening battery compartments, tightening cabinet handles, and even prying a paint can open.

Stud Finder

A stud finder is one of the basic tools that every homeowner should own. This tool is invaluable when you’re hanging pictures or installing shelves. Attaching fasteners to the wall studs or beams is the safest way to make sure your installation is sturdy and secure.

Ladders are Useful Tools for Homeowners

A standard ladder and a stepladder are smart purchases. Many projects around the home require a short reach where a stepladder will come in handy.

Reserve the standard ladder for exterior applications, such as fixing a screen, washing windows, or cleaning gutters. You’ll find that both ladders are necessary for completing tasks around the house.

Utility Knives

Scissors may be handy in the kitchen but always keep a utility knife handy, too. These straight blades slice through cardboard and score materials for accurate cuts with other tools. Also purchase a relative of the utility knife, the hobby knife. These slightly smaller knives are great for precision cuts on smaller objects. Both blades can make quick work of a home improvement project when a saw is just too large.

Duct and Electrical Tape

Include duct tape and electrical tape on your list of basic tools for homeowners. Duct tape is strong and resilient against moderate heat, pressure, and other weathering agents. It can also temporarily stop minor leaks.

Your home is wired with various electrical connections that might require electrical tape. Keep this tape on hand so that any short or breaks can be quickly repaired without sparking issues.

There are dozens of other tools that can be purchased for your collection in the future. However, this list is a great place to start, especially for the new homeowner. Keep these core tools on hand for everyday tasks.

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