Moving is a chore that requires a lot of planning and work. Not only are you organizing and moving all of your belongings, but there are many contacts who will need to know your new mailing address. Here are 10 different people and places that you will need to notify when you move.

1. Fill out a Change of Address Form at the Post Office

As soon as you have a forwarding address, fill out the USPS online change of address form so all of your mail will be sent to your new address. You do have to pay a dollar to submit the form, but it can all be easily completed online.

2. Your Utilities are High on the List of Who to Notify When You Move

Let your current utility companies know when you’ll be moving and be sure to establish services at your new address. Having your new utilities set up as soon as possible will make your move much less stressful.

3. Credit Cards

Notify your credit card companies when you move. This is important so that you continue to receive correspondence and so that your accounts don’t get flagged as suspicious if you have activity in a new zip code. Creditors will sometimes put a security hold on the card if the spending habits change.

4. Notify Your Bank When You Move

Depending on where you are moving, you may need to open new bank accounts. Your financial institution will be able to give you the best advice on how to transfer or close out your accounts.

5. Car Loans

If you are dealing with any financial institutions that hold the title to your vehicles, you will want to add them to the list of who to notify when you move.

6. Car Insurance Company

This one can actually save you money, based on where you are moving. There a lot of different factors that determine how much you are paying for your automobile insurance, and where you live is one of them.

7. Subscriptions

If you subscribe to any newspapers, magazines, or other clubs where you receive things in the mail, be sure to notify these companies about your upcoming move. The change of address that you have given the post office will keep things on the right delivery schedule until your new address is updated.

8. Your Job

Your place of employment also needs to be on the list of who to notify when you move. You’ll want the correct address on your check stubs and you’ll want to make sure that you don’t miss any important tax information that’s mailed at a later date.

9. Notify Your Health Insurance Company When You Move

Medical providers can be tricky to deal with if all of your personal information isn’t correct.

10. Let Your Friends and Family Know When You Move

Make sure that your friends and family know that you are moving. This could mean a lot of phone calls, maybe some group texts, or even a private social media post to a select group of friends, but probably the easiest way is a mass email. Don’t forget to let someone important know about your big move.

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