Termites may be small, but they cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to houses every year. As termite colonies eat through the wooden components of a house, they weaken its structural integrity and put your family’s safety at risk. If you don’t know the signs, it can be tough to detect a termite infestation early enough to prevent damage. To help keep your property safe, learn to look for these four signs of termites.

1. Signs of Termites Include Hollow Wood

Because termites eat wood from the inside, timber that’s infested with termites sounds thin and hollow when tapped on. If you tap on a wall or door frame in your home and it sounds hollow, that’s a sign that you should call a termite inspector. If the termite infestation has gone on long enough, you may even accidentally knock a hole into a weak section of the wall.

2. Discarded Wings: One of the Signs of Termites in Your Home

When spring arrives, winged termites leave the nest to reproduce and build their colony. Even if you don’t spot the winged insects themselves, you may find their discarded wings near windowsills or doors. These wings are one of the more visible signs of an infestation.

3. Termite Droppings

Mounds of tiny, wood-colored droppings are another one of the clear signs of termites in your home. As they eat through the wood, termites leave these small droppings, called frass, inside and outside the home. If you spot frass piles, your home has termites.

4. Sounds in the Walls are Signs of Termites

Termites aren’t always silent when they chew through wood. While it can be hard to notice when you’re busy at home, the clicking or rustling sounds that termites make can be heard if you press your ear up to the wall.

Pay attention around your home for these signs of termites. They can do extensive damage if not caught early. If you’re uncertain whether termites are a problem, call a professional inspector to examine your home and property.

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